Ethiopia Guji Wacho Sololo


  • Ethiopia Guji Wacho Sololo
  • Ethiopia Guji Wacho Sololo
  • Ethiopia Guji Wacho Sololo

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Medium Roast

Tasting Notes:

Black tea, butterscotch, blueberry

Background details

Ethiopia Guji 1 Wacho Sololo GrainPro is sourced from family-owned farms organized around Barkume PLC, an export company known for sourcing specialty coffee from Oromia growing region of Ethiopia. Tadese Edema, the founder of Barkume trading PLC, owns and operates several washing stations in the Shakiso district of the Guji Zone. Tadese also owns two farms in the Guji Zone totaling more than 700 acres. Barkume operates a dry-mill where the same focus on sorting and quality control at the washing stations is carried through to the final export stage. Tadese is a very accomplished businessman with other investments in hotels and gas stations but his emphasis in bringing social impact through his businesses is most important to him. Tadese pays higher differentials to producers for coffee cherries. He also invests in road infrastructure, schools, and municipal government to support the coffee growing community where he operates.


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